Ari Torhamo ari.torhamo at
Tue Sep 19 06:46:43 UTC 2006

ma, 2006-09-18 kello 21:57 +0100, Luís Alves kirjoitti:
> Hi all.
> I' have some problems with my keyboard, maybe i comited an error during
> the instalation. Can i reconfigure the keyboard?? how??
> Thanks in advance.
> Sorry My inglish.
> Luis Alves(PT)

In the upper panel go to System -> Settings -> Keyboard and see if you
can change what you need there.

If that doesn't help, you can give the command sudo dpkg-reconfigure
xserver-xorg in the terminal (go to Applications -> Accessories ->
Terminal) and do the approriate selections for your keyboard. You'll see
things not related to your keyboard there too, but just leave them as
they are.

If you have problems using the terminal, or if the given command doesn't
help you with your problem, you should come back here and ask for more
help. You might also give a more detailed description of your problem.
What exactly your keyboard doesn't do, or what does it do wrong? What's
the language setting you are using? Did you have the problem right after
installing Ubuntu, or did it come up later? Are you using Dapper (6.06),
or another version of Ubuntu?


Ari Torhamo

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