Ubuntu and WinXP

squareyes squareyes at internode.on.net
Mon Sep 18 15:10:28 UTC 2006

Ouattara Oumar Aziz wrote:
> which Virus/Spiware remover does he use ? He may not need a Virus 
> checker but a spyware remover (if the thing he want to deal with is an 
> Adware) . Let him have a look at that 
> http://www.lavasoftusa.com/software/adaware/ which works great in most cases
Hi Ouattara,
many thanks, I have installed AVG and have given him detailed written 
instructions on how to download and install ad-a-ware. He was using 
Nortons, which found the 2 problem files, but did nothing with them. 
Came with his system. Am trying to show him the virtues of not having 
all these problems :-)  If I can get one happy customer others may 
follow :-)
> I think that Linux doesn't care if it a dll or not. Linux can suppress 
> anything it wants ( and if it has corresponding file access right ). You 
> mentioned that the file was in "Read Only" mode. But you also mentioned 
> you have succeeded in suppressing on file. I am a little bit confused : 
> what is your friend file system (FAT32 or NTFS).
His system is NTFS , I managed to remove an exe with Knoppix, The exe 
file removed OK, but the dll put up in Terminal "Can't remove read only" 
. Had a bit of a play with dos
in the past removing files on Win98SE "That windows is using" running in 
dos mode,  did much the same thing using Linux commands, but still very 
much a novice. XP did a bad thing getting rid of "Dos Mode"
> Case in NTFS :
> (I don't think it will be Ubuntu that will impress him but you. :)
> That will be more difficult since the ntfs write capability is not 
> available on the Live CD. Then I suggest we use an USB Key (512Mo). Make 
> a server installation on the usb key (if you are able to make a tinier 
> installation, just let me know, I am interested) and then install ntfs-3g .
Don't have access to a USB key, or an external drive,  have 96 meg card 
in camera, will run as an external drive, could put Damn Small Linux on 
that,  but better if he had Ubuntu installed dual boot and he used that 
for any internet access, it only took him 2 days of use to pick up the 
above problems.
I suppose he was lucky to have lasted 2 days.
> ** Try to make the computer boot on the usb key and then, mount the disk 
> using ntfs-3g /dev/<the_partition> /<mount point> . Then remove the file 
>   (if you don't have the write right, add at the mount line "-o umask=0".
> ** If the bios doesn't allow boot from USB, We will use the Live CD 
> combined with the USB... (If you are in that case, tell me here and I 
> will give you the way I do that. I have to stop here cause I got a train 
> to take.
> Good luck
> PS : anyone is welcome to tell if I am making a great mistake by 
> suggesting that.
Again many thanks, have printed out the How to NTFS with ntfs-3g page 
will come in handy.
Take Care

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