Dead gnome panel

albi albi at
Mon Sep 18 12:57:16 UTC 2006

On Mon, 18 Sep 2006 14:54:47 +0200
Dieter Schicker <dieter.schicker at> wrote:

> today after gdm login I was presented with two empty gnome panels at
> the top and at the bottom, only the workspace switcher and the waste
> basket showed up, the former didn't work the later did. There was
> also no right mouse button functionality on the panels so I could not
> reinstall the menu and the other icons. The icons on the desktop
> worked as expected. My home directory is nfs mounted but nfs works
> just fine.
> I know that one "solution" is to remove all the .gconf* and .gnome*
> directories but - as you can imagine - I don't like that solution very
> much because you lose all your nifty tweakings and settings! ;-)

what about :
- backup your .gconf* and .gnome*
- log out
- rm -rf .gconf* and .gnome* (in e.g. icewm or KDE or console)
- log in again (Gnome)
- log out again
- write your favorite settings back (in e.g. icewm or KDE or console)
- log in again (Gnome)


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