No german "Umlaute"

Marco marco.mandl at
Mon Sep 18 09:56:08 UTC 2006

Tobias wrote:

> Dear Ubtuntu users
> got a serious problem with my ubuntu server 6.06 no xserver, and can not
> fix it any longer.
> as you can see, I use DE as my locale, the German "Umlaute" like äöü and
> the sharp "S" are displayed as a question mark.
> This is displayed on a console window. It happened one day to a other
> and I do not know what made it change.
> As far as I see the locales are set proper.
> could you give any suggestions?

Hello Tobias,

I have a similar problem, tried a lot, and still have not solved it. I am
wondering if it may be cause by the few edgy packages I have installed.
Have you installed any edgy packages?


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