Modem detection on LapTop

Henk Koster H.A.J.Koster at
Sun Sep 17 16:07:09 UTC 2006

On Sun, 17 Sep 2006 16:43:34 +0530, H.S.Rai wrote:

> It showed ppp0 not configured. I tried, but here
> autodetection of modem failed.

The good news is that your modem appears to be recognized by 
the kernel, witness also the presence of the ppp0 interface in
the System-Administration-Networking menu. In what way did 
autodetection of the modem fail? It is most likely symlinked
to /dev/modem... you should check this with the "ls -lr /dev/ppp*"
command. It could also be something like /dev/ttyS0. Further 
configuration in the above mentioned menu requires information 
from your ISP, like dial-in number and ID/password.  

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