Three Linux Operating Systems in One Computer (Is it possible?)

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> On 9/16/06, Sameera Shaakunthala <shaakunthala at> wrote:

>> I am currently using both Ubuntu 6.06 and Windows XP on my PC.
>> I am planning to install Red Hat Linux and Edubuntu on my computer
>> alongside existing Ubuntu and Windows.

>> Is it possible thing to do if I got enough disk space?
>> Does this lower the performance of my PC?

> The easiest way to do it is to install Windows first, then Linux Distro 1,
> 2, 3 or so, because most modern Linux distributions autodetect the OS
> installed upon grub install.

The best way is to partition completely first, then install in whatever
order you please. I virtually always install something before windoz.

> To make it more organized, have a big extended partition that holds all of
> your Linux distro's. Make Windows as your primary partition.

For multiboot systems, it's best to have at least one Linux bootable
partition on a primary, which makes dealing with the virtually
inevitable negative consequences of needing to reinstall windoz at some
later date easier to deal with. By having a boot loader installed on a
primary, it isn't necessary to be concerned with having windoz write as
it pleases to the MBR. Any old MBR code can be used to boot whichever
primary is marked active. When doze has done so, all you need to do is
ensure the Linux primary partition is set "active" (in windoz-speak),
something that takes mere seconds with a wide variety of disk management
tools on all operating systems.
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