How to reinstall *everything*?

Alexander Skwar listen at
Sat Sep 16 19:49:25 UTC 2006

ยท Constantine Evans <constantine at>:
> Alexander Skwar wrote:

>> Is there an *easy* way to reinstall all the currently installed packages?

> Wouldn't it be easier to reinstall the entire system?

Would it? I'd need to backup all the configuration files, so
that I can use them after a new installation. This doesn't seem
to be easier, IMO.

> Apt-based 
> reinstallation will not purge the configuration files for the packages,

Yep. That's why I wanted to do a reinstallation in the sense
of reinstalling all the installed packages.

> so it is quite likely that reinstalling everything would not fix the
> issues you are having.

I disagree. The configuration hasn't been changed, but all of 
a sudden the system isn't working fine anymore.

> You can make a list of installed packages, and reinstall all of them
> after reinstalling the system.


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