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Hi Dethadol,

On Sat, 16 Sep 2006 03:11:53 +0100
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> >> Thanks that is brilliant. Is there any reason for using 3d
> >> hardware-accelerated even if I don't use it please?  
> > 
> > games, video playing, video rendering CAD design and other 
> > graphics intensive operations all benefit from 3D
> > acceleration. If you use these kind of applications, then
> > try the closed source drivers and see if the benefit is
> > worth it.  
> </snip>
> Sorry to show my ignorance but can anyone explain why 3D accel
> is needed for video playing please?
Actually it is not strictly needed, but it will probably help
and lessen the burden on your cpu, I think. 

However on my
destop, I can playback videos from dvd/cd and other sources
without any problem AND without having any trace of 3d
acceleration enabled. Admittedly, I never
managed to get my ati 9200 working in accellerated mode and
I simply gave up on this.

So you are not ignorant and it is never ignorant to ask


> Thanks
> Dethadol

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