video conferencing

Kevin Starkey kevin at
Sat Sep 16 09:20:19 UTC 2006

Hi all,

Now that I've got a functioning webcam I'd like to be able to video 
conference with my family/friends.

I used to do this with MSN messenger.  My family/friends are 
disappointed that I'm unable to do this anymore.  I've done all the 
searching I can think of and no luck.  Gaim doesn't seem to support this 
at this time.  I looked into aMSN, but this didn't seem like it's there 
yet either.  If there's a solution that allows all my family/friends to 
continuing to use MSN to video with me, this would be the best solution.

I've got Skype set up, but it doesn't appear to have webcam ability in 
the Linux world, is that right?  If there's a way to change this, that 
would probably be the next best solution.

I've got Ekiga set up, but can't find a piece of software for my windows 
family/friends that they could use on their end.  I tried setting up 
Windows netmeeting on my wifes computer and after spinning my wheels 
with that I came to the conclusion that it's not supported anymore (is 
this right?).

Please help.  Thanks!

Kind regards, Kevin.

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