firefox openoffice nfs problem

Scott J. Henson shenson at
Fri Sep 15 20:56:56 UTC 2006

linuxlady2714 wrote:
> I'm configuring ubuntu dapper drake machines for a computer lab.  When I
> log in as the sudo user I can run firefox and openoffice just fine. 
> When I log in as a user with ldap authentication and mounting a homedir
> on a remote machine using automounting - the user cannot run firefox or
> openoffice.  The splashscreen comes up and just hangs there.

Do they output anything when you start them on the terminal?

I'm currently using both in the exact same setup.  Can you
be more descriptive about what your doing.  Like where is
the ldap user's home directory?  What does 'id' output?

Also, from what I remember, openoffice has to copy a bunch
of stuff into your home directory on initial start.  If your
nfs server is slow that can be a problem.

Scott Henson
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