Security of using sudo rather than su?

Alan McKinnon alan at
Fri Sep 15 07:39:59 UTC 2006

On Thursday 14 September 2006 19:39, Adam Funk wrote:
> > Some of them keep the same password on all machines for
> > years...
> I'm under the impression that forcing users to change
> passwords very frequently (and I realize you're not
> necessarily advocating *frequent* changes) is bad for
> security --- because the increased cognitive load leads them
> to pick lower-quality passwords than they might otherwise use
> and to try to rotate them (e.g. 4lm0nds1 -> 4lm0nds2 ->
> 4lm0nds3 and so on until the system will let them use the
> first one again).

I always found that when strong passwords are enforced, 
knowledgeable users decide that it's far less work to hack the 
auth system than to remember passwords that change 


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