kernel update/nvidia breakage/SMP issues

Henk Postma henkpm at
Thu Sep 14 19:04:24 UTC 2006

Dear All,

After todays kernel update, the nvidia module does not want to load
anymore in the 686 kernel. Surprisingly, it _will_ load in the 386

When I try to modprobe nvidia (manually, because the
/etc/init.d/nvidia-kernel start does not work) when I'm booted in the
686 kernel, it will complain, and dmesg says:
# sudo modprobe nvidia
# dmesg | tail
nvidia: disagrees about version of symbol boot_cpu_data
nvidia: Unknown symbol boot_cpu_data

That seems like the kernel is a little different. What gives, and how
can this be fixed? The 386 and 686 version are both 2.6.26

Thanks, Henk

PS I need the SMP version, because I have a dual core system.

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