Security of using sudo rather than su?

Tchize tchize at
Thu Sep 14 09:41:15 UTC 2006

Dennis Kaarsemaker a écrit :
> On do, 2006-09-14 at 10:18 +0100, Adam Funk wrote:
>> I've read the official explanation of the locked root account [1] and
>> it still seems to me that this system can reduce security (in
>> comparison with the traditional approach) because an attacker
>> (especially a remote attacker) can gain root privileges by cracking
>> one password (the main user's) rather than two (since normally root
>> isn't allowed to log in over ssh).
>> Why is this view wrong?
> Because normally, root *can* login over ssh and 'root' is a very
> well-known username. So sudo actually doubles security by having to
> guess both a username and a password instead of just a password.

Default config on most distribution for sshd deactivate root login.

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