Could not run "su" -> network-admin

Riaan Schoeman riaans at
Thu Sep 14 08:46:46 UTC 2006


I'm abit stuck, and I've been google'ing for an answer to my question,
but was unable to find the answer, and would really appreciate some help
with this :

When I open up network-admin, and try to change some settings in there,
like setting up a new location, it fails with the message :
Could not run "su"
Check that you have permissions to run this command

I've run it from command line, run it with sudo, run it with gksudo, run
it with gksu, switched to root, nothing works, it keeps coming back with
that message. I know i cant setup the network on command line, but its
frustrating me that I do not know why this is happening!


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