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Am Wed, 13 Sep 2006 09:12:16 -0500
schrieb "Oscar Veloz" <oveloz at glasfloss.com>:

> Kris, how do you run reports from your setup?

What sort of reports do you mean/need? If talking about reporting
e-mails supposed to be spam / viruses - that's what amavisd takes care
of by sending those to a configured local mail address (usually: me).
Likewise I still do forward most of the spam and virus mails to a
special account in order to check for false positives once in a while,
and in order to have a wide collection of "bad" mails to test future
environments... :]

Other than that, there's a bunch of tools to analyze MTA log files and
build reports from them. My favorite so far is "pflogsumm" which gives
me a pretty clear idea on the amount of traffic (in "numbers of
mails" / MB / GB), recieved/delivered/rejected mails as well as several
statistics that come in handy once in a while (most active local
senders, most active external sender/recipient domains, most active
hours per day, ...) as well as an extensive reporting of all errors
that have been encountered. Usually, I run pflogsumm via cron once each
night to process the log file of the last day and store the report
somewhere on a file server for me to play with it if feel like killing
some time. ;)


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