an awful problem, disc space is disappearing

Tchize tchize at
Wed Sep 13 11:51:59 UTC 2006

As a matter of experience with such behaviour, in the past, i have one
*very* common way to get a disk full quickly, it's X environment.
By default, all X application not connected to a stderr console gets
there error output to $HOME/.Xsession-errors (or sometihng like that). A
bugged program that goes in a crazy endless loop at outputting message
can fill a 3G error log in a few hours. So look in your home for a
Xsession-errors... Then tail it (tail -n 250 <filename>) to see the
error message and have an idea where it come from. Delete the file, fix
the application creating the error message.

Other possible problem: dmesg, some modules can be verbose, especially
the usb input device debugger which outputs every mouse moves :p (should
not be activated anyway in unbuntu, but was on pure debian at work)

Last possibility: if you installed snort and you are in a gaming
environment, disk can get full of snort alerts (happened to me once at a
LAN party ^ ^)
Gabriel M Dragffy a écrit :
> This morning my root partition was 6gb large and had 49% free space.
> This evening I was trying to install the game supertux and found there
> was no disc space. I'm using a simple desktop installation. I have
> apache and proftp installed and running but a firewall blocks remote
> connections to them. Something just ate about 3gb in one day and I
> didn't do anything to warrant that. Furthermore only yesterday I had the
> same problem but I put it down to a power failure, I ended up deleting
> all my LVs, my PV, VG and the partition and restoring.  How do I find
> out where my 3GB went? And then find what took it and why?

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