Roland Turcan - RoTurSoft konf at
Wed Sep 13 11:51:28 UTC 2006

Hello Ubuntu users mailgroup,

Our application (written in Kylix 3) uses /etc/printcap to read out 
information about installed printers.

But I have seen, that if I make any change in printer control panel, 
then of course /etc/cups/printer.conf is changed, but /etc/printercap is 
changed only after cups daemon restarts. I have compared SuSE, where 
they restart cups daemon immediately after committing any changes among 

So, if customer makes any change in printer control panel, until he 
restarts a computer or cups daemon, then our software cannot distinguish 
any change among installed printers. Secondly, if he makes any change on 
already installed printers which should change in /etc/printercap, then 
our software is not able to get actual settings.

Is it a purpose, or a bug?


Greetings, TRoland.

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