Make Java work. How?

albi albi at
Wed Sep 13 10:36:12 UTC 2006

Herman Aalderink wrote:

>> ====
>>  How to install JRE v5.0 Update 8
> All I need is Java on my default Ubuntu 6.06. (+ auto-updates)
> My FireFox is
> JAVA is installed acc to synaptic. (why doesn't it work??)
> Thank you for the many suggestions.
> I am trying them out one by one.
> EasyUbuntu did not work for me (I have a report on file).
> Still to try the other suggestions. Incl the above one.
> I am enjoying Ubuntu. Even if without JAVA and Macromedia-FlashPlayer.

if you have installed the sun-jre, then remove the gnu-java package OR
do an update-alternatives in a terminal :

sudo update-alternatives --set java

(on 1 line!)

then try in a terminal : java -version

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