Complaint: large attachments (was Re: browser fonts )

Gabriel M Dragffy dragffy at
Wed Sep 13 02:00:55 UTC 2006

On Wed, 2006-09-13 at 11:14 +1000, David Satchell wrote:
> Thoughtlessness? How about just not realising or not knowing better? I'm
> not making any assumptions about the original post that started this,
> nor am I attacking you Peter - but many users who come on here aren't
> going to know how to upload their screenshots to a server, or know why
> that is a good idea.
> Fair enough it's hard to download large attachments but this is the list
> people are directed to if they are new to Ubuntu and have issues. The
> only thing that will ever keep a Linux distro alive is the support from
> mailing lists / forums / etc. so how about before people start a huge
> rant about thoughtlessness and not posting attachments, that they
> consider that maybe the people doing such things don't know otherwise...
> If a newbie comes along and tries to ask a question, but instead gets a
> bounce mail or a rant from some sick and tired list member, how often is
> it likely they are going to come back? This might even mean they ditch
> Ubuntu for something that will help and work for them. The only thing
> that really sets Ubuntu apart to the basic end user is the ease-of-use
> and great support. Next time, try sending a message that helps (even if
> it just asks for more information) them answer their question, and post
> a little note down the bottom about the correct ways to do attachments.
> For those who didn't want or "shouldn't have to" to set a limit on the
> size of downloads in their client, I hate to tell you, but if you've got
> the luxury of such an option, enable it and use it - that's what it's
> there for.

Here, here.
For a happy median what if it was possible for the mailing list server
to bounce email with attachments over, say, 300kb, then possibly
hundreds of people don't get stuck with downloading massive attachments,
and the sender can read the bounce email that says they must reduce the
size of the attachment.

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