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Thilo Six T.Six at gmx.de
Tue Sep 12 11:20:00 UTC 2006

Gabriel M Dragffy wrote the following on 12.09.2006 16:39:

>> scenario 3:
>> i have put my backup into lvm, after system crash i need to put things
>> back (boot from livecd, or something).
>> How about the difficulty to recover data from the backup since it is an
>> lvm. lvm adds extra complexity which increase by definition error rate.
>> e.g. I am "allways" able to access the backup partition from a live cd,
>> it only needs to be mounted.
>> Which requirements must be fullfilled in that case with lvm?
> Hi, you can still get at LVs the same way as normal partitions. Maybe
> some kernel modules need to be loaded though. Yesterday I successfully
> used the latest Knoppix CD to access and recover my entire LV system.
> With knoppix you simply need to type "modprobe dm-mod" and "vgscan" and
> "vgscan -a y" and it'll get all the LVM stuff working.

good to know.  thanks

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- some friend of mine

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