howmany partitions per disk possible?

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Tue Sep 12 06:08:39 UTC 2006

· Tony Arnold <tony.arnold at>:

> On Mon, 2006-09-11 at 15:53 +0200, Alexander Skwar wrote:
>> > In the mean time, I've taken the coward's way out and re-installed.
>> > Given my partitions were peculiar anyway (one extended containing two
>> > logicals, no primaries at all), it was probably the right thing to do.
>> Hm? What's strange about this? Extended partitions always only contain
>> logical partitions. They cannot, by definition, contain anything else.
> I mean there are no primary partitions on the disk at all!

That's impossible.

> The whole 
> disk is taken up by a extended partition hda4,

See? There's your primary partition - hda4.

> which contains two 
> logical partitions, hda5 and hda6. Seems a bit strange to me.

Not really. Why does it seem strange to you? It seems to be 
very normal to me.

> The system was working fine and I know that Linux doesn't care too much,
> but I did find it strange that neither gparted no qtparted would shrink
> hda6 which is of type LVM. Maybe it's the partition type, or because it
> cannot identify the file system,

I bet that this is the reason. But it's actually *GOOD* that those
tools didn't shrink the partition, as it would have destroyed the

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