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Karl Auer kauer at
Tue Sep 12 00:17:52 UTC 2006

Hi there.

Someone who just gave up on Windows wanted to move to Linux. Having
heard that Ubuntu was the way to go, he visited the Ubuntu website. He
followed the download link and chose an appropriate mirror. There he was
faces with twenty or thirty different .list files, ISO images and
torrent links, with no clue as to which would be best for him. He gave
up, and went and bought Linspire.

I therefore suggest that somewhere on the Ubuntu home page the following
(or something similar) should appear in large friendly letters:

"Not sure what to download?
    PC users: Choose "desktop-i386.iso" version.
    Power-PC users: Choose "desktop-powerpc.iso"
    AMD64 users: Choose "desktop-amd64.iso"

To get these via BitTorrent, choose the 'torrent' extension instead of

If at all possible, this should appear on the mirrors as well.

Regards, K.

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