use of label in fstab

Derek Broughton news at
Mon Sep 11 18:36:43 UTC 2006

Paul Hide wrote:

> Strangely, I had exactly the same thought about the 1 and 2. I did exactly
> as you suggest, but it did not work.
> Then because I knew that it should work and because of the capital L in
> mount (completely illogical) I tried:
> LABEL= in capitals in fstab and to my astonishment with that single change
> of case it now all works correctly.

man 5 fstab does only show LABEL, but since "mount" seems to be OK
with "label", but e2fsck doesn't, I'd venture to suggest that one of them
(probably, actually, "mount" as one should generally not expect "label" to
be the same as "LABEL") is a bug.  Not sure whether to report it against
mount, e2fsck, fsck or fstab.
> Sorry to disappoint you, but Payola$ means nothing to me.

That's why they are no more...

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