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Zoltan Szecsei zoltans at
Mon Sep 11 13:34:32 UTC 2006

Alan McKinnon wrote:
> On Monday 11 September 2006 14:41, Zoltan Szecsei wrote:
>> not entirely true. I've only added the remote nfs access a
>> week ago and this problem was happening whilst everyone was
>> actually running off the maon host.
>> Maybe I should not have mentioned nfs 'cos now everyone
>> thinks it is an nfs issue. In fact nfs is working correctly
>> because the squashing is having an effect,
> Ok, let's back up a little then and get some facts to work with:
> With what options is the target filesystem mounted, and what fs?

> What umask is in effect?
the default umask 022 in .bash_profile is commented out

root at gl0:/home/zls# cat /etc/login.defs  | grep -i ask
#       UMASK           Default "umask" value.
# UMASK usage is discouraged because it catches only some classes of user
# umask in shell rc file will catch also logins through su, cron, ssh etc.
# At the same time, using shell rc to set umask won't catch entries 
which use
# Therefore the use of pam_umask is recommended (Debian package 
# This avoids the confusion created by having the umask set
# 022 is the "historical" value in Debian for UMASK when it was used
#UMASK          022
UMASK           002
# Other former uses of this variable such as setting the umask when

> What happens when the umask is changed to 0066?
I changed it in /etc/login.defs and it seemed to have no effect.
(but then I get into gl0 using putty from my WinXP box)

I need a way to force all files in a directory to keep their 775 
permissions regardless of who puts the file into that directory, and 
regardless of how that user logged into the system and regardless of 
whether the file originated from another host or not.

> alan


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