after cups-upgrade printing to a HP-LJ1020 with foo2zjs stopped working

albi at albi at
Mon Sep 11 13:26:39 UTC 2006


situation :

a LAN with ubuntu-workstations, printer connected to a workstation running
breezy, rest is running dapper

everything worked great except that often users need to "resume" or "start"
printer in either the gnome-cups-manager or the cups-webinterface

however, after dist-upgrading on two workstations suddenly printing
1 page spits out only an endless amount of almost empty pages, (no
error-messages) on them

i've been using the foo2zjs directly from their homepage :

on the breezy-workstation (also print-server in this case) i've done
a : make uninstall ; make ; make install ; make cups ; make install-hotplug
and done the same on one dapper-workstation

didn't help

the problem clearly seems to come from the upgrade of cups-software
on the dapper-workstations

of course i can now try to connect the printer directly to a
dapper-workstation, and see what that does, and if that works
upgrade the breezy-workstation to dapper too, but i don't understand
the reason for this problem, and wonder whether other people ran into this

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