file permissions

Zoltan Szecsei zoltans at
Mon Sep 11 12:00:42 UTC 2006


How can I stop files taking on 600 permissions?

I have tried umask, setgid and no luck.

The scenario is (ubuntu dapper):
The directory of files is on host gl0 mounted with nfs3 squashing to a 
specific user and group.

User from other hosts that mount this directory copy files to their own 
host, edit them and "put" them back.
The files on gl0 now have permissions 600 (instead of 775) and the 
squashed uid/gid.

For users that are actually on host gl0, when they put the files back 
into the main directory, the permissions are still re-set to 600 but the 
uid/gid is that of their own (this is not a train-smash if I could get 
the darn permissions to remain 775).

This has been driving me nuts for eons!!

Any thought of how to solve this will be most welcome.


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