howmany partitions per disk possible?

Alan McKinnon alan at
Mon Sep 11 10:09:17 UTC 2006

On Monday 11 September 2006 11:37, Tony Arnold wrote:
> pvresize will resize the physical volume but not the
> partition it is in. I've already shrunk the PV, I now want to
> shrink the partition.

fdisk. It doesn't resize partitions, you delete and recreate 
them the right size.

From the menu, list the partitions with 'p'. Note the start and 
end cyclinder of the one you are interested in. Delete it. 
Create a new partition starting at exactly the same point, and 
ending wherever you want it to end (make sure it really will be 
smaller than the original). Mark it with the correct ID, write 
to disk and exit.

This doesn't damage the original on-disk data, it just changes 
the partition table. It's your responsibility to do these 

1. the filesystem has been reduced
2. the pv has been reduced
3. do something useful with the now empty space
4. re-sync the kernel's idea of the partition table with 
partprobe after you'd done something useful with 3)


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