Thunderbird Mails

Ouattara Oumar Aziz wattazoum at
Mon Sep 11 05:21:57 UTC 2006

Balaji  :
> Hi
> I was successful in installing Ubuntu after a big fight with my system.  
> My PC was more attached to Winxp and would not settle for Ubuntu.  Now 
> that I installed it, I need to transfer the mails in Thunderbird to the 
> copy of Thunderbird in Ubuntu.  How do I do this ?  Is there a simple 
> way to achieve this ?
> Balaji


I suppose you will use a dual boot, right ?
Then you shouldn't try to copy them. there is a better solution. You can
use thunderbird profile manager on windows and/or linux to tell
thunderbird to use the same directory on the 2 OS.

Try typing on the terminal :
thunderbird -p

then create a new profile and choose your actual profile dir (on windows 

Note : It'll be alright if your windows partition is formatted in fat32. 
If it's in ntfs, I propose you install ntfs support on linux with 
ntfs-3g. look at to see 
how to install it easily.

After doing that, all the mail you'll receive on linux , will be 
available on windows and vice-versa. However, you'll lose them if you 
format your windows partition. Then why not put the profile dir on 
another partition and make the setting on the 2 systems so that you'll 
never lose your mails ?


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