Thanks to Todd Slater & Brian McKee

Ken McLennan kenrmcl at
Mon Sep 11 02:22:30 UTC 2006

G'day there Scott,

> Oh, I didn't know you were using mutt in local mail spool

	What? Just because I hadn't told you there's no excuse for not
knowing!! You'll have to learn to read what I'm thinking, rather than
what I type =).

> only mode.  When I use it I use an imap mailbox.  I do

	I don't have the option of an imap mailbox (unless I set it all up
locally which is kindof not what I want to do).

> believe you can tell fetchmail to deliver the mail directly
> to your local mda.  In most cases that would be procmail,

	That sounds quite right. There's an option in fetchmailconf expert mode
(although I'm not an expert) to set the mda commands for the mail to be
passed to.

> though the fetchmail man page seems to suggest that maildrop
> is the prefered method.

	I saw a few references to maildrop, but it's not installed on my
system. However procmail is so I'll run with that.

	I had mutt + procmail working previously about 5 or 6 distros ago (I've
tried quite a few to see which I like best) and it seemed to work a
charm. I can't recall what I used for smtp but it worked fine too. Since
ssmtp is working I'll just have to play around with procmailrc and all
should be fine.

>   The option you are looking for is
> -m or --mda.
	I'll have a look shortly. I have read the man page for fetchmailconf
and fetchmail, but don't recall what it said about the command line for
the latter. It'll be there somewhere though.
>   You can 'man fetchmail' for more information
> on how to use this.

	That I shall =)

> I do believe esmtp would do that, but I would suggest having
> fetchmail hand the mail directly to your mda of choice.

	Sounds like a plan to me. Since ssmtp is working I'll leave well enough
alone and concentrate on procmail for mda. 

	Thanks once again for your advice.

See ya
Ken McLennan
Qld, Australia

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