menu problem in kde

Peter Garrett peter.garrett at
Mon Sep 11 01:50:10 UTC 2006

On Sun, 10 Sep 2006 06:06:31 -0300
Josenildo Marques <josenildo.marques at> wrote:

> I'm not sure what happened, but every time I click on my home directory icon, 
> Amarok opens, instead of konqueror... I cannot access my home directory...
> How could I change that ?

Very weird :-)

Try right clicking the icon and look to see what command it is running.
You should be able to edit it so that it starts konqueror. Failing that,
you could make a new launcher and point it at konqueror. I'm currently in
gnome so i can't look, but I think it should be pretty straightforward.

>From memory, I think right-click on the menu icon for KDE btings up the
menu editor - but I may be wrong on that.

Strange gremlin though !


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