cross platform password manager

Felipe Alfaro Solana felipe.alfaro at
Sun Sep 10 23:07:47 UTC 2006

> Can anyone out there recomend a good cross platform password manager?
> The ones I found are either old (MyPasswordSafe) kde/qt hungry
> (KeePassX) or I can't get them working (password gorilla)- And none of
> them are in the repositories!

I don't know of any and, since I think that storing passwords in the
computer is dangerous, I developed a small J2ME application for my
mobile phone. Instead of storing passwords, I use this program to
generate them:

password = f(URL,master,length)

So, every time I need to enter a password for a Web site, I launch
this J2ME application on my cell phone, enter the master password and
the URL for the site and the application creates a pseudo-random
password for me to use.

Since passwords are not stored in the phone or the computer, it's much
more secure than the traditional approach. And if I don't want to get
bothered with password every time, I can always use Cookies.

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