evolution exchange complaints

Ron Smith geeksatlarge at yahoo.com
Sun Sep 10 22:31:14 UTC 2006

--- Dieter Schicker <dieter.schicker at uni-graz.at>

> Hi,
> in my office I have to use evolution in order to be
> able to connect to
> the company's exchange server. So far so bad,
> although it works passably
> - with the exception that it's terribly slow and
> that it crashes every
> few hours and that the access to the global
> addressbook does not work
> and the junk filter filters nothing and and ...
> Please don't get me
> wrong: I don't blame evolution for that, but the
> damned exchange server
> and our IT department for not implementing a better
> (open source)
> solution ... *sigh*.

Is it possible you can convicence the "powers that
be", in your office, to let you use "Thunderbird"
instead? That's what I use as a Win/Exchange client,
and it fills in niecely.

Ron Smith
geeksatlarge at yahoo.com

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