install ubuntu without CD-rom drive?

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Sun Sep 10 09:59:24 UTC 2006

On 9/8/06, JeremyWorst <ulist at> wrote:
> Tod,
> The laptop, a Toshiba 3110ct ultraportable, has an external CD drive
> connected via a PCMCIA card, and CMOS provides no option to boot from
> CD drive.  It allows boot from floppy, Hard drive, and LAN, only.  I
> followed the instructions for netboot, trying to set up a DHCP server
> on my Win XP Home desktop.  I thought I set everything up correctly on
> the desktop, and the laptop dutifully looked for it at bootup but never
> found it, the laptop never showed up on tftpd32.exe.  I do have Windows
> ME installed on it right now but would like to get rid of Windows
> completely.  The hard drive is too small for more than one OS.  I'm
> looking into installing form floppies.  Any other ideas?
> Jeremy
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Hi Jeremy!

I just rememberd this looking for the FC5 live CD.  From thier download page:
# The page referenced
Mounting ISO Images

If you are already running Linux, you can save an ISO image to a
directory on your machine or another machine on the network. You may
then mount the ISO image to look at or copy files. To mount an ISO
image, use the following command:

      mount -o loop -t iso9660 <isofilename> <mountpoint>

In the above command replace <isofilename> and <mountpoint> with the
correct file name and mount point respectively. The directory given as
the mount point must exist.

So you could use a one floppy distrobution (
), Set up another linux box on your network, copy the iso image from
the cd's (or maybe even the DVD) and then use whatever command line
ftp client to download it to your box and use.  Yes you would need to
set up an FTP server (or do a share) but once you are there, you are

Good Hunting!


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