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you're in for quite a piece of work here, honestly. ;)

Sameera Shaakunthala schrieb:
> Please someone tell me how to download the source code for Ubuntu 6.06

As the other guys already pointed out: Ubuntu GNU/Linux is a
distribution made up of a lot of different packages, including the Linux
kernel, the X11 server by, the GNOME desktop environment, the application suite and numerous others. For the packages
included with the Ubuntu installation disc and most of the stuff to be
found in the repositories (excluding some of the multiverse branch),
sources can be retrieved using "apt-get source".

> Also let me know what programming languages and software packages should
> I be fluent to modify ubuntu.

To deal with most of the core packages, solid knowledge of C is a must.
C++ and Java (talking about OpenOffice) won't hurt, either. If you're
about to deal with the configuration and some of the Ubuntu desktop
tools, you also should be familiar with Unix shell scripting and, in
general, most of the scripting languages to be found in an up-to-date
Unix environment (Perl, Python).

So, overally, a lot of work. ;) Perhaps you'd be better off telling us
_what_ you actually want to do while modifying Ubuntu - perhaps there's
easier help for you, perhaps there's a solution easier than rebuilding
packages from source.


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