Multifunction printers for ubuntu?

Brian Astill bastill at
Sun Sep 10 01:02:42 UTC 2006

On Friday 08 September 2006 08:44, Ricardo C O Freitas wrote:
> Sorry!Can't help you!

I think you can, but you don't know it  :-)

I have my HP Deskjet 6122 working beautifully under CUPS.
BUT, I have no way of knowing the ink levels or any other such 
info about the printer.

Downloaded and installed hplip, but can find/invoke nothing - I 
even rebooted, thinking that a daemon would be set up this way - 
still nothing.  There is no "man hplip" or "info hplip".  "which 
hplip" provides nothing.  "locate hplip" gives a long list which 
SFAICT doesn't contain an executable.

SO - HOW do I use hplip?  How do I start it up (or set it up)?
There must be a way - but I haven't found it.  You have.


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