Problem installing Mozilla Totem plugin with EasyUbuntu

Liam Proven lproven at
Sun Sep 10 00:25:47 UTC 2006

I've got an odd one here that I've not seen before.

I'm building a PC for a friend, and after trying but discarding
Freespire for its Windows-like-ness, I've gone back to good ol'
reliable stable Ubuntu 6.06.

After an epic battle, I've got the legacy nVidia drivers installed. I
think there is a problem that they won't run unless the Linux kernel
modules are compiled for the same arch as the kernel itself. Running a
686-optimised kernel but with standard 386-optimised modules meant
that the nVidia driver wouldn't run, but upgrading the modules to the
686 version too seemed to sort that.

I've run EasyUbuntu and installed everything but OpenWengo, since I
don't know a single person using it and so I doubt my
not-very-computer-savvy mate does either.

But the extension to allow streaming video in Mozilla won't install.
EasyUbuntu just says "fix broken packages".

Trying to install totem-gstreamer-mozilla-plugin (I /think/ that's the
thing that EasyUbuntu is trying to load) with Synaptic gives a more
explanatory error. It says that the module depends on Totem 1.4.0 but
I have 1.4.2 installed.

The system is updated to the hilt with apt-get dist-upgrade, so that's
the version of Totem I've got.

Is there any way round this?

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