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ac "aec$news" at
Sat Sep 9 16:08:07 UTC 2006

Dimitri Mallis wrote:
> hi all
> i am using ubuntu dapper 32bit right at the end of my 250GB sata drive,
> its a 50 gig partition, then in front of that is a 1gig swap.
> what i want to do is format a nother 50gigs infront of the swap so i can
> try out the 64 bit
> will it work if i do it in gnome using gparted? will my grub still know
> were to find the 32bit ubuntu?
> how is the best way to do this?

I am *not* an expert - please check what I say first. Be certain to
have a good backup of your important data before you start too! (on
all of the hd partitions)

I do not think you can 'move' the partitions which are in front of the
swap around, but you can probably re-size (make smaller) one of them,
or several. This might make room for a new partition. You could also
possibly delete one of the earlier partitions and create new one/s as
you wish (for more distros etc etc)

A hard drive can have 4 primary partitions at most, although extended
partitions are the same in function and can be created just as easily.
If you have only 3 partitions at present this may be ok, but if you
need more partitions on the HD later, it may be a little more complicated.

If it is useful, the one swap file can be used by more than one
distro, it is not essential to create an extra one, but you can if you

gparted should be ok. I usually use a gparted live cd.

In my experiences, grub in distros such as ubuntu has been good at
picking up other grub entries automatically.
good luck!

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