Strange GDM Problem

Gabriel M Dragffy dragffy at
Sat Sep 9 11:57:36 UTC 2006

On Fri, 2006-09-08 at 05:24 +0100, breuerp wrote:
> I had this problem too.  Can you explain why your solution works?  What
> does "enable accessible logon" do?

All I know is that it is a known bug and is registered on launchpad,
there are several duplicates too. Have a look at them, if you can add
information then please do so, I added a substantial amount of info but
it's still waiting confirmation. I don't really know what accessible
login even is, that's why one day I wanted to try it and ran in to the
bug. I though that maybe instead of typing your username and password
you could select your username from a drop-down list and then enter your
password. Like I said, i don't really know.

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