Packages are "still" overdependent on Firefox.

Joel Bryan Juliano joelbryan.juliano at
Sat Sep 9 03:12:43 UTC 2006

I personally think that being dependent on Firefox is a bad thing.
Alot of people haven't even used Epiphany as their browsers, even though
they want to try it, removing Firefox is a _big_ deal into the system, why
can't user use Epiphany as their browsers without having any regrets on
blam!, yelp, gnome-app-install being removed along with Firefox.

Alot of people don't even know that Epiphany offers the best integration in
the system. Beagle integrates well with Epiphany browsed web pages,
Pessulus contains browser lock-down settings for Epiphany.
Firefox don't even have a gconf entry.

MacOSX doesn't use Firefox in favor of Safari, why can't GNOME?

I tried compiling Epiphany (edgy), and it's possible to use xulrunner,
instead of FF. (of course, remove firefox along with 6 or 7 packages)

This was just what I believe.
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