Time tracker

Eugene Morozov eugene.morozov+ubuntu at gmail.com
Fri Sep 8 20:29:52 UTC 2006

Does anyone know decent time tracker for Linux (Ubuntu in particluar)? I'm
using karm currently but it lacks support for time slices (it records only
total time and session time) and doesn't generate reports (I'd like to know
how much I've spent on each project during week and month) and doesn't have
some kind of comments/diary.

Gnotime has all these features but extremely ugly, unintuitive and buggy.
It's the most ugly and unstable program I've seen.

I didn't find other programs for time tracking for Linux. Although it's
almost evident that I'll have to write such program myself (probably using
Python/wxPython), I decided to ask in this mailing list just in case.

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