Dapper OpenOffice Font Problem

hejpig ulist at gs1.ubuntuforums.org
Fri Sep 8 12:39:54 UTC 2006

It appears to be a problem with font substitution.

Try exporting as PDF directly from openoffice and look at the font
properties in acrobat reader. My system had substituted Deja Vu Sans
for Stone Sans even though both are present on the computer.

QUICK FIX: Options->Openoffice.org->Fonts and check 'Apply replacement

type in the name of the substituted font in the 'Font' box and the name
of the required font in the 'Replace with' box. Press the green tick and
a line will appear in the table. Check the Always and Display boxes nad
press enter.

<Fanfare> and your font should be displayed.


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