Mailserver - the irresponsibility of using my desktop as one

ben darby ben at
Thu Sep 7 18:15:47 UTC 2006

* Carthik Sharma (carthik at wrote:
> No, this desktop just pulls mail off of other mailservers using
> fetchmail, and I login using ssh, and use mutt to read my mail.
> I would like to recreate what I now have on my home desktop
> (fetchmail+procmail+mutt etc) on a server. Then I will be able to ssh
> to the server/shell account and read my mail as I do now. A user has
> already approached me saying he can provide hosting for me on his
> server, but I am hoping to find some alternatives and choose between
> them. I must think there is some company providing this as a service -
> seems too simple to be absent.

almost any basic shell account will provide this service, search google
and take your pick.

ben darby <ben at>
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