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Patrick Newberry PNewberry at
Thu Sep 7 15:51:53 UTC 2006

I'd be interested in buying your lka as I can't get the lku to run.

You can email me off line at pnewberry(at)


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Patrick Newberry wrote:
> I just picked up an actiontec Modem Ex560LKU.
> Can't try it till tonight but after googling it seems that I should
> have gotten the LKA model instead.
> Has anyone here connected with an ActionTec EX560LKU
> It was originally used by AOL customers.
> Pat Newberry
> Yea, it's me still trying to get a modem to work :-(
I am afraid that I can't vouch for the one you bought, but i have run 
the other.  I have upgraded to broadband, so if you can't get the lku to

run let me know.  I have no further use for my lka.

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