latex margin issues --- still

jjramsey ulist at
Thu Sep 7 15:18:56 UTC 2006

I got TeX to use letter size paper by doing the following:

* Edit /usr/share/texmf/xdvi/XDvi so that it reads "*paper: us" instead
of "!*paper: a4"

* Edit "/usr/share/texmf-tetex/dvips/config/" so that the
parts referring to A4 and Letter paper read as follows:

@ letter 8.5in 11in
@+ ! %%DocumentPaperSizes: Letter
@+ %%BeginPaperSize: Letter
@+ letter
@+ %%EndPaperSize

@ letterSize 8.5in 11in
@+ ! %%DocumentPaperSizes: Letter

@ A4size 594.99bp 841.99bp
@+ ! %%DocumentPaperSizes: a4
@+ %%PaperSize: A4

Note that the references to A4 paper appear *after* the references to
Letter size paper.

*Edit /usr/share/texmf-tetex/tex/generic/config/pdftexconfig.tex so
that \pdfpagewidth is set to "8.5 true in" and \pdfpageheight is set to
"11 true in", without the quotes. AFTER THIS, RUN "sudo fmtutil-sys
--all", so that the changes in pdftexconfig.tex are read.

I noticed that running "sudo texconfig [whatever]" causes texconfig to
write local config files in the directories ~/.texmf-config/ and
~/.texmf-var/. Maybe this is a consequence of running texconfig using
sudo, rather than straight-up running it as root?


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