ATI dual head problem

Dimitri Mallis dimitri.mallis at
Thu Sep 7 15:12:12 UTC 2006

thanks, thats promising

i tried
aticonfig --enable-monitor=<monitor1>,<monitor2> --effective=now

with Generic Monitor as <monitor1>
& Default Monitor 2 as <monitor2>

so it looked like this

aticonfig --enable-monitor=Generic Monitor,Default Monitor 2 --effective=now

that made both screens go blank for a while then slowly things started to

im not sure how to use "xrandr" but when you say change "Screen Resolution
spread the desktop across both monitors" do you mean this?

LCD = 1280*1024 @ 70hz
CRT = 1280*1024 @ 70hz

so the combine size should be 2(1280*1024) = 2560*2048?

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