Mailserver - the irresponsibility of using my desktop as one

Carthik Sharma carthik at
Thu Sep 7 05:03:57 UTC 2006


I regularly use three different computers - a work desktop, a laptop
and a home desktop. I have three email IDs, again, none of these are

Right now, I fetch all mail to my home desktop which is used to run an
ssh server using a dynamic dns service.

The power bill, and the irresponsibility of running a desktop 24x7 to
read mail etc are killing me.

So, what would enlightened Ubuntu users suggest as a solution to this
problem? Please don't suggest using Thunderbird with IMAP etc. My work
account has really stupid
policies regarding deleting old mails. Besides IMAP does not allow me
to use folders etc "freely".

Would someone know of a cheaply obtainable shell account, or vps, or
something that allows me to run fetchmail, procmail, mutt on a
webserver of some sort? Something I can replace my
home-desktop-mailserver? It will be great if it costs less than 5-10
US Dollars a month.

Thank you,

Ph.D. Candidate
University of Central Florida

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