Ubuntu dapper: About LDAP configuration...

Patrick Gelin patrick.gelin at free.fr
Wed Sep 6 20:03:21 UTC 2006

Scott J. Henson wrote:

> Patrick Gelin wrote:
>> Felipe Alfaro Solana wrote:
>>>> Ok! So where is the configuration file in order to diseable LDAP to use
>>>> the strong authentication?
>>> I think the probem is not with OpenLDAP itself but with 'luma'.
>> ok, so what do you recomand as a good ldap client?
> For general purpose modification gq is good.
Finally I made some additionals tests and it's the same problem with
kontact. So the problem is not luma but Openldap.

Into my slapd.conf file there is:

# The base of your directory in database #1
suffix          "dc=wanadoo,dc=fr"
rootdn          "cn=rootdn, o=gelinux, c=fr"
#rootpw         secret

But if I can't login with phpldapadmin with:

login dn: dc=wanadoo,dc=fr
password: [administrator password]

and if I switch on the line
rootpw secret

then the slapd deamon can't start!

I tested also:
login dn: o=gelinux, c=fr
password: [administrator password]

So what can I do?

Patrick Gelin

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