Dapper: How to install my PDA Clié 4.0

Patrick Gelin patrick.gelin at free.fr
Wed Sep 6 17:48:44 UTC 2006

Ylan Segal wrote:

> Patrick Gelin wrote:
>> Hi,
>> I installed my PDA Clié into Dapper but there is the following problem:
>> When I synchronize my PDA there is a bug because I lose my keyboard and I
>> must restart my PC in order to reactive keys...
>> So I think there is a problem with the usb install... But how to look
>> for? Also I installed gpilotd but nothing changed.
>> Thank you for your help!
> I have then same problem and was going to post about it.
> In my case I am using Kpilot to sync. It automatically detects the Clie
> connected on /dev/ttyUSB0 (It is *not* mounted to /dev/pilot/
> automatically) and syncs perfectly the first time. When I try to sync
> again the Clie complains that the port is in use by another process and
> fails. Kpilot doesn't even know about subsequent tries.
> I tried quitting Kpilot and restarting, but it doesn't sync until I
> restart.
> Sometimes, after the first sync the keyboard dies as you describe, but I
> haven't figured out why it happens sometimes and not others. I haven't had
> time to do some proper troubleshooting, but as soon as I do, I will report
> back.
Ok, so I'm not the only one into this dark world! :-)
Patrick Gelin

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