View/edit Root user's files in GUI

Gabriel M Dragffy dragffy at
Wed Sep 6 09:01:50 UTC 2006

On Tue, 2006-09-05 at 17:14 +0100, P.S.Sameera Shaakunthala wrote:
> View root user's documents with File Browser
> Normally, the root user can not log in using Ubuntu's GUI and can not
> view files using the File Browser. They have to use the recovery mode.
> I find this annoying. So I do the following.
> * Start the Terminal.
> * Press F11 if the Terminal is in full screen mode.
> * Type 'sudo bash' and press enter.
> * Type 'nautilus' and press enter.
> * Wait about 3-5 seconds. File Browser will appear.
> * Now I see the root user's Home folder, files and the Desktop folder.
> That's it. I get some of the administrative rights by doing this.
> Sometimes I edit the grub boot loader by doing this because this
> procedure is easier than the recovery mode.

There are many ways to achieve the same thing, I do the following:

1. When in Gnome hit ALT+F2
2. Enter in "gksudo nautilus" (without the quote marks) and hit ENTER.
3. OK la!

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