Transparency, Community?

Peter Garrett peter.garrett at
Wed Sep 6 05:44:03 UTC 2006

On Wed, 06 Sep 2006 07:18:31 +0200
Alexander Skwar <listen at> wrote:

> > Because this is a discussion _about_ this list, and doesn't belong on
> > Sounder.
> Yes, it does. It's not a technical discussion and thus is OT here.

Alexander, the change was made ( notice the past tense) and therefore
according to that decision "discussion" is now officially off-topic. Too
bad. We are continuing to discuss. Call it civil disobedience if you
like ;-)

The point is that Derek wants to discuss the decision. In other words,
your reaction is a perfect example of how a restriction can be used
retroactively to silence discussion.

I think people will discuss what they wish to discuss, and topics that are
not interesting for others will be ignored by those who don't want to

You probably don't like this ;-) , but in the absence of thought police,
people will continue to write and say what they wish to say.

I tend to be in favour of that, provided it isn't offensive .


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